70s Fashion Summer Look

70s summer look

How to rock a 70s Fashion Summer Look?

For a girl who’s more on the glam side of things, I’m sure channeling my 70s fashion summer look aka rocknroll child pretty good. The thing is I love 70’s fashion in all its shapes and styles, but this is probably one of the only times I’m posting a 70s summer look. One might dare ask how come?

Well, I had this suede jacket and 70s fantasy for quite a while. So, I’ve decided to take these pictures on a Sunday afternoon, mainly because I love these Zara platforms.


The 70s are one of the most revisited decades when it comes to fashion, and they continue to influence modern style. Thanks to their freedom of expression, the ’70s style is something to which both designers and fashion-lovers are continuously drawn. From hippy and glam rock to disco and bohemian, the decade containes numerous iconic styles that are still wearable today.

All you need to know is how to rework those time-tested trends to fit perfectly into your 2017 wardrobe.

When it comes to creating a boho 2017 outfit, the ’70s are a great source of inspiration and have something for everyone. All you need to do is pick up the style that best suits your personal tastes. Just remember, instead of completely copying a look from the past, you should aim to work it into your modern wardrobe for a contemporary take on the trend.

For sure, the boho-chic fashion style of the ’70s is for me. My choice for today is a denim skirt and a mustard top paired with a Zara fringed suede jacket, leather brown bag and Zara platforms.

To rock this trend, embrace dresses, ponchos, suede or denim jackets, and accessories with embroidered patterns or colourful prints. From lace to rich floral and paisley prints, this trend was all about flowing or billowy maxi dresses. These relaxed silhouettes evokes the carefree feeling for which the bohemian culture is known. Pair it with a cropped denim jacket, sandals, and a saddle bag for the perfect modern take on this trend.


How to Wear 70’s Fashion Summer Look

  • Start by finding the 70’s trend that best suits your personal style.
  • Don’t try to directly copy a look from the decade as it will appear outdated.
  • Mix details and styles into your current wardrobe to create a modern interpretation of 70’s fashion
  • If you like a traditionally feminine look, try hippy, bohemian, disco, and folk trends from the 70s
  • If you prefer a stronger style, embrace glam rock, sports-chic, and safari looks
  • Hair and makeup can also be used to add a chic 70’s touch to a 2017 outfit.

It’s been almost a month since I had a proper outfit post – not counting my Milan street style compilations – so it’s nice to finally be able get back into the groove again.

I hope you will enjoy my pictures below!

I’d love to know How you Rock the 70s fashion trends?

Which 70s outfit it was the last one you wore?


Photo Credit: Cornel Petrus

Make-Up: Camelia Nastu