1st of MAY at Black Sea

How to start this fabulous summer?

Take a walk on Mamaia beach on the 1’st of May – The International Labor Day!

So, today I finally found some time to share with you these beautiful pictures from 1’st of May weekend spent at Black Sea.


To celebrate International Labor Day have to be grateful to American people who were striking in Chicago around 1889, and locally to Carol, because under his reign, in 1890, 1’st of May was celebrated also for the first time in our country.

But in time traditions and symbolism tend to dilute, today we are not wrong when we say too loud that 1’st of May it’s a day off, more than a celebration. We have, at least a new tradition:

On the 1’st of May we are going to the seaside! 

We are opening unofficial a new season of parties on the beach and holidays in the sun. And no matter the weather, no matter the crowds, it counts only the fun and promise of a new summer. The most famous clubs and bars of the sea are prepared and the parties are advertised everywhere. Concept day parties are gaining more and more popularity in our country also, so if you wanna try something like this visit us.

There’s no secret that we have a certain appetite for themed stuff. I really enjoyed the music and good vibes this weekend.

Oha Beach it’s a small beach in Mamaia Nord, near the fishing camp, a beach where you will find instead of white canvas, umbrellas caught in wooden stakes, instead of chairs, pillows huge and comfortable, instead of noise, music good in the backgroundAh … Do not forget the two hammocks by the sea and wooden rafts, they lurk at every entrance into the water. Long, long time ago I never felt so good at the Black SeaI was surprised how much I loved it, how deeply I relaxed and how quickly I forgot the bustle of the previous days.

If during the day you were at Oha, in the afternoon you shouldn’t miss LOFT Mamaia – a unique concept which generates its own special energy. To really understand what is LOFT, must have been there at least once!
Night (and morning) North Mamaia Beach was taken also by storm by the rhythms of the new edition of Sunwaves FestivalWe burn increasingly harder impatience of those moments of communion in music and dance. People gather from all over the world to hear and feel the magic sprinkled sand near the lapping waves under sail ideals. It’s a festival that leaves everybody feeling more than that, a very familiar carefree daily, space less and timeless.

If u want free entrance and generous line-up Crazy Beach is another place to be. If you like to dance from morning to evening and meet people like you, with sunglasses forever stuck on faces, U MUST stop there. Let me say that this year Crazy Beach has a new look and if you missed it, there’s no problem because here dishes not grow silent the whole summer.

Last night we spend it in Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia – one of my favorite clubs where the things you witness will be recorded into history, as nights of wonders will unfold!

In the heart of any of us ‘lies” one 1’st of May. We all have one 1’st of May that we remember fondly and we talked about for weeks over and over again! When you say 1’st May, u cannot refer to a single day, but to an entire weekend!

We get Used to saying, “That was the coolest “or to compare it with others 1’st of May.

The fact is that it has become the most awaited weekend of the year, the weekend that starts endless parties at Black Sea! Impatience, preparations, friends, line -up, the smell of the sea, cool mornings, sunny days, sleepless nights, the music does not stop even for a moment! All these and many other reasons which vary from person to person, made 1’st of May to become a “Must ” and even a second New Year’s Eve of the year. Clubbers know what I mean!

But now the silence left over Mamaia and it will remain like this for at least one month. Tourists will restart to occur after 1’st of June.