10 reasons Flared Jeans are cool again!


Flared jeans are obviously still one of most favourite wardrobe staples.

Typically fitted through the hips and thighs, and then flared out from the knee until they skim the ground, these 70s-inspired trousers are great for leg lengthening. They are incredibly fabulous, giving skinny pants a much needed break.

The thing is, flares are not as easy to wear as skinny jeans, because they almost always require heels to fit properly. The comeback of flared pants into fashion trends, it‘s an invitation to diversify your styleOk…nothing compares with your super skinny jeans! But I guarantee you that if you found the perfect pair of flares, you will want to wear it every day.


Because sunny days are back now, you can wear flared jeans without worrying that they‘ll gather all the mud from the streets of Bucharest.

Here are 10 reasons why we are glad that flared jeans are back in fashion:

 1.  Improve your silhouette and give the impression of endless legs .

2.  Men considered them very sexy especially the low waist models.

3.  They give a special elegance to your outfit, elegance that it’s seen in the way you’re walking.

4.   They fits easily to any occasion and fashion style, so you can wear them at the office, school or mall.

5.  Because you can look like Liv Tyler in the Aerosmith clip – Crazy! You remember the dance scene at the bar ?

6.  You can wear them also in the club paired with a top or a lace bodysuit.

7.  They are an original statement because they can’t be worn by everyone. 

8.  They mask a possible tummy (models with high waist) or unwanted wings. 

9.  Your legs will thank you that you’re not press them daily under your skinny jeans. 

10.  Because they can be made of various fabrics from velvet, cotton to jeans or lace, and always looks good. And if you know a skilled seamstress, you can choose the texture and colour you want and order your own pairs.


Although it’s not a must-follow rule, definitely denim flared pants need to be worn with heels. They just do! These pants are designed to be worn with higher shoes that leave room for them to flow. The silhouette looks best with height and it allows them to hang correctly. Regardless of the season, a pair of flared jeans can be all women’ best friends!

Today I paired my new flared jeans from Mango with a comfortable, well-fitted top, and I finished the entire outfit with a stylish printed outerwear to give dimension to my look. You can also match this outfit with other essentials, such as a wide-brim hat or a scarf for a romantic look.

Tomorrow I will show you another way to wear them with a flowing bohemian top to create a style that is uniquely feminine. A flowing silk shirt is an easy way to take your flares from casual to sophisticated.

A great pair of flared denim can really go the extra miles. Not to mention they add the perfect touch of 70′s flare to pretty much anything you pair with them on top.

| Outerwear: Zara | Flared Jeans: Mango | High-heeled platforms : Zara | Bracelets: H&M |