Women Manifesto

women manifesto

Women Manifesto means being yourself, no matter what that could mean.

And BEING YOURSELF begins with loving yourself.

As I began to love myself, my relationship with me changed.

For a long time, I hated my body because I was trying to achieve a skinny one that wasn’t real. And now I’m proud of it because it’s mine. It’s the one I’m Going to live in while I’m here, every part of it. Learn to love your body for what it is, a beautiful, unique machine that is keeping you alive. Because it’s keeping your breathing and it’s keeping you healthy.

Strive to be the healthiest version of you, no labels, no curvy, no skinny, no thigh gap, just you!

Why get lost in the crowd when we were born to be unique?

After all, we are different, we have unique styles and we are more than entitled to show them off.

Let’s create together with Kraxy Rabbit the largest community of women who love and accept themselves.

Kraxy Rabbit applauds uniqueness and courage with its latest Women Manifesto campaign. Kraxy Rabbit wants to celebrate the effort we each make in order to feel good about ourselves.

WOMEN Manifesto is an encouragement for personal style, to dress how you want, from shapeless baggy clothes to skin tight dresses, from all black to mini skirts at 50 years old.

Women’s Manifesto means wearing whatever makes you feel good! The campaign encourages you to quit abiding rules and why not, be anti-fashion! And Find the courage to express yourself the way you feel!

I will always encourage women to not give a damn about what society has to say until I will lose my voice. And yes, society, since the imaginary competition that exists between women can lead to much meaner remarks than the gentlemen ever throw our way.

Find the courage to be yourself, to be unique!

Nobody has the right to tell us how a Woman should BE Like. She only needs to be feminine, to smile more and throw kindness around her. Today’s woman dream of independence and crave for power. In order to reach this, we must stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated and put down by others preconceptions. We must get to that place where nothing can shatter our self-esteem and self-confidence.

What is more beautiful in this world, than a strong and confident WOMAN ?

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DO you have the courage to do it? What makes you unique?

I dare you to tell ME in three words who you are.

I am perseverant, optimistic and passionate. I’m a Fighter!


Make Up: Hotaran Denise Olga

Shirt: KraxyRabbit.com