Why all Women Like Men with Beards

Men with Beards

Do you like Men with Beards?

IF you do please Share my article because everyone should know that tomorrow is the

World Beard Day!

Every year on the first Saturday of September we are celebrating Beards and Men with Beards due to World Beard Day as seen on www.worldbeardday.com. In other words it’s the perfect chance for us girls to look and talk about men, on one of the most discussed and flaunted men topics in the past years: FACIAL HAIR.

Well… the truth is, there’s something fucking irresistible about a guy who’s too lazy to shave off and decides to wear a 10 days stubble. A Beard has undeniable power to transform any young man into the next hipster/masculine hunk/caveman.

So…Beards everywhere Unite!…If you want to celebrate with us tomorrow!

Or if you want women to flirt with you like crazy…or your partner to smitten as if you just met. By the time you decide to go back to the clean shaved face, it will strike you: I’ve been going on dates as if I was George Clooney!

The beard has this spectacular power to transform boys into men. As if. But you know what I mean!

So, if in the past, the dilemma was:To shave or not to shave’ ! Now, as the obvious answer is NOT, the question is:

How long does a beard have to be to look HOT?

If you want to find out Join Us tomorrow at POW WOW in Bucharest, where my friends from Stup Art Fashion will reward the Best Beard of the Year.

On World Beard Day you should all know that shaving is considered to be an act of disrespect! However, according to tradition, Men with Beards, tomorrow, you should relax and not take part in any housework or family duties.

I don’t agree with that! 😛

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Anyway both Men and Women love Beards and for the right reasons.

I mean what’s not to love about it? It adds coolness and gives a man a touch of masculinity, aggressiveness, that rugged edge and toughness they all think they have.

We all hope at least one proves true!

And even that Jesus beard in my opinion is great on those who know how to carry it! Personal style has got a lot to do with this beard type. Not every man can pull this off! It takes incredible patience and commitment. And I know it from one of my best friend Dan Costache who has one of the biggest beards I have ever seen in Bucharest.

Anyway, stylists are saying that Men should wear the Beard that fits their face shapes!

But again, if you can pull off the Jesus/Caveman look –DO it Man!

It’s all about personal style and the right attitude! Don’t let no woman or stylist tell you otherwise.

When talking FACIAL HAIR one thing remain TRUE:

It’s the biggest trend for men for the past 2 or 3 years, alongside the undercut and the tattoos.

Is it because they don’t bother anymore to shave cause they’re too cool for this. Or it’s just a trend thing? Or are you boys trying to look more like men? Awww.

Of course there are Guys that had this look long before it was ever a trend. And I really believe they are the same who will continue to rock this look.

Masculinity crisis or not, this beard trend is so cool and hot.

 So…What do you think Ladies? Do you like Men with Beards or not? And what is your favorite Style?