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Welcome to #US Pop Food Art

#US Pop Food Art

Welcome to #US Pop Food ART !

I’ve been wanting to write about this new American restaurant straight after their opening in Bucharest 2 weeks ago. But after one beer and the biggest hamburger I’ve ever eaten I was, let’s say, somewhat incapacitated for a few days.

And then I decided with my photographer to do a proper photo shooting there.

Have you noticed the attention to detail inside the restaurant? From the funny messages on the walls to the menu, #US Pop Food Art give the most unexpected canvas for their dishes to be able to share delicious food shots.

#US Pop Food Art#US Pop Food Art


The American food still leads the way anywhere in this world, with the most photographed kind of food in 2016 being the hamburger. #US Pop Food Art  followed the US’s footsteps and embraced the #foodporn trend as it’s not going away anytime soon. They will continue also with a club in the basement.

Maybe you’ll say : Yet another burger bar, but I like it very much. The staff is so friendly and the place has a great art work. It’s worth a visit for 3 important reasons.

When you choose a restaurant for your lunch or dinner, you think first about:


The giant Double Cheeseburger with 2 kind of meats is to DIE for. Burgers are one of those meals that is so loaded and packed that you don’t necessarily NEED anything after. I mean, I think some chips or a sauce work perfectly. Next to a beer, for optimum flavor success is one of my dream meals at the moment. When I’m not on a diet!

I KNOW. So very depressing, but I’m not complaining too much. They are super filling and such a lovely dinner idea if you’re over burgers at the moment.

#US Pop Food Art


Anyway you have so many options in the menu, starting with salads and ending with the most amazing pancakes. If you don’t want to eat burgers or meat you can try a delicious broccoli soup with crispy croutons and feta cheese.

Authentic and high quality ingredients are everything at #USD Pop Food Art. Even Spaghetti with pancetta and pauched egg are on the menu. Make sure to taste the BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad, filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, eggs, avocado and iceberg salad that comes on a plane plate.

I also recommend you to share more dishes, because trying out as much as possible is really worth it, the pizza is also crazy TASTY! When you enter the restaurant you’ll be impressed by a big caravan with a special oven for the home made bread and pizzas.

And if you’re really feeling it, you could also try a whole gigantic sandwich with chicken tossed with ranch sauce! I’m loving the sandwich right now but some Texas BBQ ribs with coleslaw salad would be equally as perfect. Then in that case, it would require a beer. Adjust accordingly!

#US Pop Food ArtV#US Pop Food Art#US Pop Food Art#US Pop Food Art#US Pop Food Art



That said, I can also recommend you take the Bar chefs suggestions of paired drinks serious: From Aperol Spritz to the best Tanqueray Tonic I’ve ever tried, from Scotch Whisky to Freshly squeezed juices there’s enough amazing cocktails to try.


The area around the restaurant seems to go through somewhat of a revival, with new Karaoke nights at the club next doors. The restaurant itself is designed like a typical Rock ’n’ roll-themed chain with a high-energy vibe serving burgers & American classics. It’s clean, funny and serves as plain canvas for the future food concepts. Also the jungle toilets are so cool for taking fashion pictures.

#US Pop Food Art

See, Meet, Taste and Enjoy #US Pop Food Art 

in Old City, Bucharest- Covaci Street, No. 16.


P.S.:   You know I’m a Food Lover, but I confess that I did not eat all the food in these pictures.

Photo Credit: Cristian Barcan Photographer


  • Alexandra Laura Lazar

    Salata e preferata mea.

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    Iubesc salata 😘😍😙😚 hamburger este pe locul 2 😁

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    Mâncarea mea preferata Americana este burgerul

  • Turcoianu Alina

    Hamburger 😉

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    Burgerii sunt preferații mei! Și nu știu dacă se pune dar îmi plac mult și waffles urile lor!😍

  • Paula Paullina


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  • Livia Ioana

    Iubesc sa mananc burger si pancakes, renumitele clatite americane!

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    Pancakes sunt preferatele mele

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    Imi place burgerul

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    Burger si pancakes!

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    Care arata woowww😍😍🍔🍔

  • Teodora Ludmila

    Hamburger (pacat ca nu e si KFC)

  • Rodica Granpier

    Burger-ul si pancakes,clar ❤



  • Corina Cosa

    ador double cheeseburgerul <3

  • Angela Mugea


  • Ana Hoban


  • Rada Livia

    Clatite americane

  • Rosu Florina

    Burgerii sunt preferații mei

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    Burgerii! Deliciosi!

  • Cristiana Tudose

    Burgerii si pancakes

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    Cheesburgerul dublu.

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  • Burgerii sunt preferații mei

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    Mâncarea mea preferata american ana este Pancakes

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    Burgerii sunt preferații mei!🍔

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    Pancakes sunt preferatele mele

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  • Elena


  • Ana Maria Paveliuc

    Cheesburgerul dublu.

  • Alina


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    Salata e preferata mea.

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    Hamburgers and chicken salads are my guilty pleasures. 😉

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    hamburgerii si gogosile.

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    Clatite americane si Pancakes.

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    Având în vedere că în ultima vreme m-am cam saturat de fast food, aș mânca pancakes cu gem 😀

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