Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2016 NYFW

Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2016

Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2016 collection really impressed the audience two days ago at New York Fashion Week.

While many years have passed since Victoria Beckham was Posh Spice and walking around in corsets, the idea of an hourglass figure has always remained in her psyche.

Using that understanding of the beautiful figure, the lady Victoria, has come back on the runway with an interesting combination of designs and materials, leaving shoulders bare, surprisingly. It appears that while the colors of the Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2016 RTW collection are subdued and of a darker essence, the pieces themselves show off the bodies underneath, playing with the lines.

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She plays as her own muse for the entire collection. “It’s an evolution of my personal style,” she said during a preview. “I have created wardrobe pieces that feel fresh and are what I think women want.”

She appeared on stage wearing a thick ribbed turtleneck sweater with cropped pants and sneakers.

Victoria Beckham has looked into her own wardrobe and reworked things so that the styles stay fresh but the looks flatter the body with ease. The bustier was made appropriate for the daytime with one of her tartan inspired looks, while we notice lots of checks and stripes throughout the collection.

We often expect chic, sexy and sophisticated lines from her, something that she did until now. Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2016 collection grows her need to relax her pieces, pulling it away from the body and allowing the material to fall in a manner that we might not have seen a few years back. She brings in the feminine and defines the figure.

“It feels like fall but you can wear those clothes any time, and that’s actually where the customers’ mindset is right now,” she said. “It’s the idea that you can buy it now, wear it now, and it did not feel overtly winter. It’s just chic clothes.”

For those with a special love for the corset dresses, Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2016 collection brought in slits and dangling strings under the bust, with fuller volume skirts and off-kilter paneling for an wonderful effect.

There’s no fear here of leaving seasonal boundaries behind. She put out bare shoulders in the dead of winter, along with cozy knit leggings, most worn with pointed flats and chunky rocker boots. For the curvy effect, Beckham layered on the body-con ribbed knit pieces, since the fabrics themselves are not meant to hug a woman’s body like that. Cling was balanced out with volume and we got a whole lot of outerwear that was just too perfect, with the Prince of Wales checks utilized underneath. Clutch coats with fringe detailing appear, softly structured and made to wear.

Coats are great, Beckham said, but “It’s nice to show what’s going on underneath. …I just wanted to look at what I’ve worn and what I love and just rework those pieces to make them feel new and fresh and just show how my personal style has evolved.”

Ken Downing, a trend watcher for Neiman Marcus stores, had a smile on his face after Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2016 fashion show.

“I love the unpretentious, relaxed elegance of the collection and being able to touch on all the important ideas for fall,” he said. “Menswear, flats, but done in a feminine way, and that sexiness of a bustier, done in satin and layered under a little dress, or becomes a knit that layers over another knit but grounded with a great boot or pointed toe. The shoes were fantastic.”

You cannot help but love Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2016 collection as a whole, that redefine sexy while sophisticated on a night spent out.

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She wants us to know this:

Her personal style is always changing yet remains constant in key ways.