Valentine’s Day Style Guide

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get dolled up and embrace all the love in the air whether single or coupled up.

Do people actually dress up for Valentine’s Day? Is there really a special code (other than red and sexy lingerie?) Or are we all just going with the flow and the excuse to have some drinks and look mega-hot?

Whatever the case A Valentine’s Day Style Guide means 1) You gotta have fun on the day, 2) Eat bad food and loads of chocolate (right?!), 3) Wear red (head-to-toe or just one item), 4) Do the sexy red lingerie thing, and rock some red lipstick.

Let’s just say it: I don’t care about Valentine’s Day! Why we need a day to celebrate LOVE?

For me is simple…LOVE must be celebrated every day and Valentine’s Day is about spending it however the hell you please and drinking champagne or Red Wine!…Or not doing anything at all if that’s your thing!


Whether you are in a serious relationship, just starting out in one or simply content with your single life, there are chances to feel a little pressured at the thought of celebrating that special day alone. There has always been a bit of debate around the ever so cherished Valentine’s Day. Some of us love it, some try to avoid it and some just really couldn’t be fussed about it. People in relationships for instance! Then you have the singles, who are reminded yearly that they are living a life alone without heart shaped chocolates and an infinite supply of roses.

Thank GOD this day only comes once a year! For some of us this is relieving prospect! But you can’t deny the buzz you get from all the love in the air. So why not step away from your usual style and mind-set and go all out and embrace the glitter cards, the love heart chocolates, and the barrage of interrogations from family members!

Whether you’ve got a hot date with a new guy or an old flame, or maybe a night out with your single ladies, embrace a romantic look this February 14th. Besides all these extra-cheesy things I love the chocolate and the excuse to wear sexy lingerie and red lipstick… you get it.

It’s a great time to wear red and be fabulous. I also happen to LOVE red. All red or just a dash of it… I love it!


So whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a dinner date with your significant other, a movie night with your friends or going against tradition by having a date night with yourself, having the right outfit for this loved-up holiday is a must!

When I think of Valentine’s Day date outfits, I instantly think of fun, flirty, fresh and feminine styles! Embracing the colours of ‘love’ – reds, pinks and feminine florals as well as incorporating some of the seasons most romantic trends: off the shoulder styles and ruffles.

So that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day why not share a little guide with y’all for inspiration.

Here are some of my favourite pieces to wear this Valentine’s Day:


1. Red DRESSES for Valentine’s Day.

It’s the go-to-look for Valentine’s Day, for date night, or for whatever special occasion. A red dress is a statement. Go for midi lengths and long sleeve dresses paired with high boots, or pick more flirty styles for evening and wear a fur coat or a long trench over it.

2. Red pants.

Hot pants! you can never go wrong with these, and if you wanna be too hot and too cool for school pick red vinyl pants. I mean…check for more styles.


3. Red shoes.

They’re such a massive trend this year that it only makes total sense. So, basically you can wear whatever you want and just put some red boots on, or a pair of sexy red heels and you’re done.

4. A red pantsuit. 

Power-suits are the staple of the 80s, and 2018 marks the return of the decade, so this only means more excuses to look bold, beautiful, and slightly over-the-top.

7. Red hot lingerie.

Ah the beautiful cliche of Valentine’s Day style. Personally I love red lacy bustier top/bra that peeks just a little bit from underneath a cool blouse or a slouchy sweater. It’s effortless and sexy at the same time.

8. Red lips. 

Need I say more. Red lips is like the lazy girl’s go-to-move for a fabulous and simple Valentine’s Day style, but also the detail the pulls a whole look together. It’s sexy, beautiful, empowering and looks good on everyone.



Yes, Valentine’s Day can make some of us want to hide under the covers and eat 3 pizzas while watching Sex and the City on repeat. But why not embrace the day in style and make the most of all the love in the air?!

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!