Style Report : 5 Runway looks to wear this season

Style Report: Do-It-Yourself…

If you don’t know what to wear this Spring here are 5 Runway Looks That I believe You Already Own in your closet.

Today I want to give you some inspiration directly from the runway. If you, like me, have been following the fashion month like crazy and imagining yourself in all those gorgeous clothes, I feel you. Unfortunately, there are two things standing in our way: there isn’t affordable prices taking into consideration that we are talking about famous designers, and it’ll be months before the looks hit the stores  – “See Now, Buy Now” is not really what it means.

Now comes the question: Are they worth investing?

With so many new “micro-trends”, that make it absolutely impossible for a woman to properly prepare her wardrobe, I often find myself lost. My approach to fashion or personal style has changed lately. I’ve decided to invest in basic pieces and designer clothes. I won’t deny that getting old is also a pretty important factor that stimulates me to opt for a more comfortable and casual look. But generally speaking, I do intend to invest in long-lasting pieces this year.

If you still want to chase your dreams, you can do it alone with pieces you have in your wardrobe already.

Denim and leather jackets, black blazers, vintage floral dresses, that checked blazer that you bought years ago – let’s put them work in a fresh new way, taking inspiration from the Fall/Winter 2017 runway.

Here are my 5 runway looks to wear this season:

1. Checked Blazer + Silk Maxi Dress + Sneakers


2. Striped Turtleneck Sweater + Floral Dress


3. Waisted Belt + Blazer + Elevated Pants


4. Logo T-Shirt + Tulle Skirt


5. Oversized Denim Jacket + Belt + Straight Jeans


So based on my plan, these are my favorite  “universal trends”, that aren’t just made for one season. And for sure you have these items already in your closet.

Let’s hope that’s I can change this year and make some savings based on my Style Report!


Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!