Norma Fine Dining

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Norma Fine Dining is the new Restaurant in Bucharest! You MUST VISIT now.

The kitchen, run by Executive Chef Sidia Sissoko, one of the Masterchef competitors, serves a reinvented version of French classic cuisine with a focus on Romanian traditional food. Sidia Sissoko aims to bring forward in a personal manner, recipes gathered during his travels. He is making a perfect balance between presentation, colour and freshness of ingredients carefully selected from the best suppliers.

One thing is for sure: a meal at Norma is completely out of the ordinary. Let’s find out why!

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NORMA Fine Dining is located in a beautiful old villa.

An invitation to rediscover the culinary art through a unique concept of fine dining.

I’ve discovered this elegant old building when one of my friends invited me to dinner and I really loved it. Then I attended a Late Media Brunch here, being invited by Denis Radu, and enjoyed some dishes prepared especially for us by Chef Sidia Sissoko.

I was convinced by the shrimp tartar and that mullet with leek fondue and lemon green sauce, to come again and shoot an editorial for my website with my favourite photographer Virgil Hritcu.  

Norma Restaurant is quiet and welcoming place.

Especially relevant for those who desire a discrete space to go out and taste delicious food. The interior design by architect Ioana Viziteu sketched the concept around the life story of Chef Sidia Sissoko, respecting the architecture of the building. The rooms have different designs and high ceilings, giving you the feeling of a light warm spring received through the large windows. Each and every object makes up the scenery handcrafted especially for this location. Therefore at NORMA the old can be infused with the new and be highlighted as it should. The garden is wonderful and is one of my favourite summer places for lunch or dinner.

Conducted by Chef Sidia Sissoko, the menu could compete with those international restaurants with pretensions. Includes both specialties based on beef, fish, duck or lamb. Plus a variety of refreshing salads or soups cream. Also refined and light desserts, complemented by a selection of wines perfectly matched.

As a food lover, I couldn’t resist to the different dishes at Norma. For starter my special dish contains prawns made in sweet wrapper.

Sissoko Chef’s reinterpret the traditional Romanian food to create unique recipes at NORMA Fine Dining. As a result is the cream potatoes and leek soup with mint oil infusion made exclusively from ripe potatoes in the oven. Furthermore the duck leg confit with mashed carrots, beetroot coulis and wasabi. Such a delight for the taste buds and an absolute classic that makes you to come back.

Fans of seafood can also enjoy mussels in wine sauce, perch Nile with lobster sauce foam and algae. In conclusion if you are at your first NORMA dining experience, the restaurant offer unique type Degustation menus.

For dessert, of course, I ordered the molten chocolate cake (soufflé au chocolat) with raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream. Absolutely delicious!

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In other words, the magic that turns NORMA by Sidia Sissoko in a true fine dining experience in Bucharest!

AV advice you to visit NORMA Fine Dining at least once and convince yourself!


Photo Credit: Virgil Hritcu

Make Up: Nicol Machiaj Profesional

Dress: Ylana Shop

Hair Color: Elgon Romania