New York Fashion Week 2016

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NEW YORK Fashion Week has finished and we have now the Best Street Style Photos!

At New York Fashion Week the sidewalk is as important as the catwalk. There was an extra challenge for the hash pack this year, as the temperatures were icelandic. But a little snow cannot stop a FROW-er from appearing on ‘The Sartorialist’. Spring/Summer 2016 looks have been left on the rows, as they have had no option but to get layered.

 So how do you look hot when it’s cold?

This is the biggest talking point here at New York Fashion Week. No, not the runway clothes, but icy weather wardrobes. First you need a good coat, a ladylike handbag and a pair of cool sunglasses.



Winter dressing isn’t for the faint of heart.

It’s not easy to show off your sense of style while bundling up in bulky layers. But for sure the fashionable women attending New York Fashion Week every year in February are UP for a sartorial challenge. By styling their winter coats, jackets and accessories with aplomb, they manage to look incredibly cool in freezing temperatures.

Take a look today, at New York Fashion Week showgoers and master the art of cold-weather style.

The hash pack might have resorted to super furry animal coats and a couple extra layers to cope with the icelandic temperatures, but they are willing to wear sandals for a statement outfit.

When it comes to modern sophistication and achieving a powerful style, New York boasts not only the American fashion but also the rest of the world. New Yorkers are bold, sharp and confident, stopping at nothing to achieve their goals and difficult to break. It’s no surprise that this drive for life and “time is precious” mentality is so perfectly integrated into how Manhattanites dress. The importance of being well-groomed and well-dressed is undeniable for New York city.

The New York Fashion Week street style results are in and I love to share with you the trends verdict for fall, as determined by looks worn by bloggers, stylists and fashionistas – straight off the stream.

So…the biggest trends to emerge on the sidewalk are:

1.    Long coats

New York Fashion Week 1 - www.shopaholicalife.com02-street-style-phil-oh-day-2NYFW-STREET-DAY-6-18 hbz-nyfw-fw16-street-style-day-2-055aea6622-6ede-4d08-9584-946d62966017NYFW-STREET-DAY-3-22new-york-str-rf16-0245

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 2.    All white everything

 Remember when J.Lo went for a walk in Maid in Manhattan in a Gucci white coat? One of these is a signal to the world that you’ve got dollar. What do you think about wearing all white everything at freezing temperatures with sandals?



 3.    Super furry animals and details

The general rule of thumb is: the bigger and brighter, the better. Above all else they are a great distraction from goose-pimpled legs.

New York Fashion Week 2 - www.shopaholicalife.comNYFW-STREET-DAY-3-26NYFW-STREET-DAY-3-24d7d0f8af-5ba6-4b7c-96d6-b2102d700802street-style-new-york-fashion-week-3nyfw-street-day-5-part-2-4hbz-nyfw-fw16-street-style-day-2-11new-york-str-rf16-0882hbz-street-style-nyfw-2016-day6-11NYFW-STREET-DAY-4-15NYFW-STREET-DAY-4-3NYFW-STREET-DAY-5-4NYFW-STREET-DAY-3-27street-style-nyfw-fall-2016-14968220b8-5939-48d0-85a4-4fa689683f89nyfw-street-day-5-part-2-10


4.    Embroidered detailing 

Taylor Tomasi-Hill and Miroslava Duma are the hottest street stylers around. What they say goes! This New York Fashion week the showgoers were championing coats and ponchos with floral embroidery.



5.  Bomber jackets & Quilting

The hash pack still have a sweet tooth, as the ‘it’ bomber jackets are not going anywhere soon. I heart the kaki parka seen on different styles and forms.



So how do you make sure your look is going to explode on the street style blogs?

Cult blogger Yvan Rodic, aka Face Hunter, told us: ‘I look for something unique; personality; I don’t look for trends. I search out that combination of beauty and originality with a hint of soul. I like photographs to have something different.’