My sunbathing essentials

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Today I want to talk a little bit about my sunbathing essentials.

Summer is going strong here in Manfredonia – Italy, as I am experiencing the fifth sunny day on the sea in a row, and I’m looking forward to my next holiday in September.

Until then I’m Starting off my Italian adventure with a post shot I’ve done last weekend at the seaside. It was fun shooting an editorial at night on an empty beach. After seeing that Mamaia got really crowded lately, we discovered a perfect, savage beach called Corbu. I read that is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I really don’t believe this.  😆

But it was definitely an afternoon that I will never forget! Because we made the best of it. Sometimes it’s fun to party, drink cocktails, have a beach bed and a waiter that brings you everything you want. But when the private beaches get crowded it becomes too much for me.

Do you also have those seaside moments when you feel the need to be on an empty beach? Just listen to the waves and enjoy a peaceful moment?

sunbathing essentials -187


Anyway, a little word about my outfit. I’m not entirely sure if you can actually call it that since I’m not really wearing much.

What I am wearing are some of my sunbathing essentials:

1. A bathing suit. I’m starting to get obsessed with bathing suits, even preferring them over two pieces at the moment. It’s usually more covering. Which is great because you don’t really have to worry about that burger you ate the day before and you can hide your belly. It’s hotter as well, and it has that certain “je ne sais quoi”, don’t you think?

My favorites now are the black and white ones from Ylana Shop. Just try them!

2. A hat. A big obsession of mine. Not only because it looks good, but also to protect myself from getting heat strokes. I think I have like ten different hats in my wardrobe.

3. SPF a lot. Whether it’s 30 or 50 even, I always protect my skin. I guess you all know why. Rather slightly less tanned and a healthy skin later in life than the opposite, right? My favorite is one from Avene.

We all have to remember to care for our skin out in the hot sun, especially when it is going to be scorching. A bit of hair care should not go amiss, also.

4. Sunglasses. It might not be necessary when you’re wearing a hat, but I always bring them anyway. When I lay down on my sundbed, these will not leave my face. The ones I’m wearing here are current favorites which I snapped up from Dior.

5. Cover-up. I don’t really go tanning as much as I did when I was younger. I feel both bored and unhealthy doing that for more than 2 or 3 hours. Although I do know that a little vitamin C will not kill anybody. But I’m always super cautious about it. So I bring cover-ups. A lot of them, because a girl wants options right?

The cardigan from YLANA Shop is one of my favorite because I can wear it like a dress also.

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The night sky was drizzling softly as I slipped out toward the mouth of the sea.

It was midnight, and I could finally see that the vastness of the sky was spotted with trillions of stars. Barefoot, I walked all the way into the hem of the waves in my sunbathing essentials.

It’s absolutely magnificent to stand on an empty beach, bathed in moonlight. I breathed deeper than I remember ever having done before. The waves were pouring tremendous love onto the Earth, shaping it. I smiled from my forehead to my toes. That moment, on the beach, falling once again in love with the… ~ that was the best party of summer.

Crafting this shoot, I imagined a girl a bit like me that night. She’s traveled to the seaside for a fantastic party, bringing a lot of festive dresses. But as the soirée wanes, she feels herself lured away from the scene. She gets into her car and she drives as far as she can. When she can drive no farther, she runs.

She runs all the way to the sea, and for the rest of her life she is free.