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How to have a healthy hair?…We are all wandering! I found the answer …LUIZA ESSENCE

You still haven’t heard about Luiza Essence Hair products? It’s time!

I get so many comments and questions about my hair and what products I use. So, I’ve decided to tell you about some of my favourite hair products. First about my hair. It’s very thin and straight. I have it highlighted every two months so it’s on the dry side. I also get salon keratin treatments regularly. This has made a huge difference in strength and quality of my hair. I highly recommend it for those of you with thin, wavy or over- processed hair. I switch products a lot and try everything.

But some of my favourite products at the moment are the ones from Luiza Essence!



The professional hair products LUIZA ESSENCE are made with the finest ingredients, enriched with natural oils extracts : argan, avocado, and coconut, and vitamins B and E, Omega 3, 6, 9, natural keratin and Botox. All Luiza Essence hair products are specially designed to deliver impressive results after just one use. Even the most dried and damaged hair will turn into a silky smooth one. Their story begins in 2004, in Israel, after a deep research done on women needs to preserve its beauty for a long time. They invested a lot of time and energy into research to create luxury products.

Luiza Essence products are known after the impressions they’ve received over time from users. Today I want to invite you to experience and discover LUIZA ESSENCE quality.

Luiza Essence Repair is the first product I have ever tried.

Is a treatment mask specially designed for dry, damaged and coloured hair. It contains organic oils, minerals, and vitamins that repairs and feeds the hair. You will see visible results after the first use. The damaged and fragile hair will become shiny and softly.

Earlier this month I received the entire Cattleya Secret pink range and I started to use them.

In the image below I’ll share with you these products that I recommend you with all my heart.



Cattleya Secret Shampoo

Shampoo hair moisturises and restores smoothness and natural glow. The high content of keratin and active ingredients “tame” even the most rebellious hair, preventing them leaving it tangle and easy. Cattleya shampoo without salt and without SLS or roughening prevents dry hair and scalp prevents allergies. Apply to wet hair and massage for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. We recommend using this shampoo only on dry hair or dyed.

Cattleya Secret Treatment Mask for thin hair – 500 ml

Mask hardening treatment is a complex enriched with natural keratin, vegetable oils, vitamins and moisturising agents specifically designed to strengthen the hair and restores the natural look. Apply to wet hair after washing and massage for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. The frequency of use: 3 times / week. It’s great for all hair types.

Cattleya Secret Leave-In Energetic Mask

Also one of my top hair treatments. This is a weightless leave-in treatment which counteracts your hairs oxidation and ageing process. Energetic is a leave-in mask, an innovative hair care product, a complex treatment. Energetic mask deeply moisturises and nourishes the hair, leaving it soft, silky and easy to style. Effects: fix hair, gives volume and prevents static. It contains keratin, the protein in wheat and UV filters. Apply a few squirts to wet or dry hair after washing. It makes your hair so soft and shiny without looking greasy or weighing it down.

Ego Hair Serum

First of all is my favourite Serum for sleek and shiny hair. Ego Hair Serum is enriched with Brazil nut oil which nourishes dry and damaged hair in depth. It repairs the hair and gives finesse. It prevents static hair and split ends.

EGO Hair Serum continues to work even when you do not feel!

I’m always looking for the right hair products to use. Luiza Essence hair products always does the trick. If you have thin hair and you want to strengthen your hair, to her natural glow and appearance, you can buy the entire Cattleya Secret Range from

Cattleya SECRET RANGE is inspired by an orchid that grows in the wilds of Mexico and was used in ancient times by indigenous women to improve the appearance of hair and straighten it easier. After using these products, the hair is visibly healthier, smoother and shinier. Rebellious hair becomes soft, easy to grip and arrange.

Beauty Free, the sole importer of Luiza Essence Kashmir and Ego Professional, brings on Romanian hair care market just professional premium products made only with good ingredients.

Finally just try them!



As a result, check the Luiza Essence Line, Blvd. Pipera, nr 17, Voluntari, Romania.