Lunch on the terrace

Sometimes, amongst the often hectic day-to-day activities of running a blog (do I dare say ‘small business’?), there are little nuggets of sunshine, found usually in the fresh flowers you buy from the market, in the sunrise and in that strong smell of a good coffee. On rare occasions, you get to do something that adds a rosy glow to your day

like taking lunch on the terrace to kick off a new styling in a blue maxi dress.

Friday was one of this rare occasions when all I wanted to do is to sit and relax reading magazines and enjoying lunch at one of my favorite places in town – Haute PEPPER Restaurant & Lounge. After a delicious meal, I spent my entire day at home working on my business stuff, although the weather was great and I wouldn’t mind spending another weekend at the seaside like all the Romanians did, but my urge for getting things done have made a come back (thankfully as my laziness has got carried away the past weeks). It’s hard being a beginner in what I’m doing, but this is the learning path to success. The reason why so many people never bother starting is because of laziness or not believing in themselves.

lunch_wayfarerstyle2lunch_wayfarerstyle3Foto : Dan PUIU


Summer is still in the air with beautiful mornings, green leafs and blooming flowers. I love summer and I hope all of you have an awesome season full of colors, good vibes and fun! And because I enjoy life so much I’m always celebrating it taking a lunch break and drinking a good cocktail on a terrace in the center of Bucharest. Summer dresses are needed in this unexpected situation, so I just worn this romantic blue long and comfortable dress from Zara and my new pair of snake print sandals. Of course, I couldn’t leave home without my brimmed hat and my red lipstick!

It’s not the first time when I celebrated summer and make a special moment with a cocktail that lives up to the beauty of this season. Great carpaccio and great beef! The perfect treat for Friday and the perfect fit for my busy agenda! Two weeks ago I had my dinner here at Haute Pepper Restaurant, but this time it felt extra special because of the weather. This summer really marks new beginnings for me and I’m feeling very lucky. I’m so happy sharing these special moments into pictures thanks to my photographer.

Given that my usual lunch situation is more ‘sandwich at desk’ than ‘bright colors in mason jars’, I knew said outing would be an appropriate place to start a beautiful weekend – not least because it’s the type of rose tinted experience I know I’ll remember long after, but also because it matched the ‘I’ve got all the time in the world’ (for long lunches) and ‘let’s not go back to work’ spirit.  Sadly I did have to go back to work, but thankfully the afternoon went pretty quickly in front of my computer like always.

May this summer be as blooming for you as the flowers are…and never hesitate to celebrate an enchanting moment with someone special, such as we did here at Haute Pepper Restaurant.

I wish you a wonderful week ahead full of color and flowers!

If you can…Match your clothes just for fun!

Foto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIUFoto : Dan PUIU


Location: Haute Pepper RESTAURANT

Make-up : Nicoleta Birsan

Still waiting for summer?! We know it’s rainy and cloudy, but we trust God that we will have an awesome season full of colors, good vibes and fun! And because we enjoy life and June also ( even if it’s raining a little bit too much, sometimes like too much! God please stop it soon!) we took a morning break, a very early one. Of course it was quite impossible to swim, but who can resist to a invitation like this. Coffee at the pool! Summer dresses were needed in this very unexpected situation, so we just worn two summerish, colorful and comfortable dresses from Stilago. – See more at: