How to look stylish in puffer jackets

Oversized Puffer Jackets: Why The Sudden Fashion Obsession?

Why is fashion and everyone so obsessed with oversized puffer jackets all of a sudden? 

What is it about these gigantic enormous coats that are the least flattering coats of all times? Everyone is wearing it, from designers showing puffers in their runway collections to the damn fashion victims everywhere, famous supermodel squads or cool street stylers.  You know what I mean?

But thank God for the billions of puffer jacket out there. I think it’s safe to say there’s a style for everyone.


I think the rise of the oversized puffer jackets has a lot to do with the rise of athletic wear, activewear, which is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle and now became mainstream so everyone started wearing their clothes, because they’re comfy and they look cool. If you happen to actually workout, they save time.

So… our love for activewear stretched to winter coats and designers are simply having fun and giving us what we want. Why pair your leggings with a coat and be cold, huh? Or why should you recycle your winter looks from one or two years ago?  When there’s this jacket that looks way too cool and actually works for most looks and styles?

Add this to the rise of 80s in fashion, and you have a case of some of the best looks out there. Sports meets 80s meets oversized urban Yeezy styles, all wrapped up in glam or edge, or even smart office wear.

The oversized puffer is cool. Sure, for me it will not replace my furs and faux furs I love, but it’s a great piece to rock every now and then. Especially in freezing degrees.


What oversized puffer jackets styles are IN this season?

Like anything great in life… the bigger the better.

The puffers of 2018 look like fluffy colourful marshmallows, so big they can fit 3 people in there, and are usually worn low on the back, or just one shoulder a la 80s New Kids On The Block. They’re boxy, with a back side sticking out as if you’re actually wearing a box, with puffed ‘collars’ and sot of slouchy cuts.

They can also be very long like massive duvets that you wrap yourself into. Rihanna is the queen of wearing  these, without losing an inch of her sex appeal, in case you wondered about that kinda stuff.


How to wear oversized puffer jackets even if you’re not sporty, or on winter holiday?

They do look amazing in winter when you’re living it up in some sky resort or just taking a walk around town and pretending you’re a tourist. And take it from me, they do look great over your gym outfits.

Throw that sucker puffer on whatever the hell you are wearing, including heels, stilettos, kittens, block. You can wear them over dresses, over the knee boots, sweaters and jeans, power suits. It’s all a beautiful mess. Eclectic.

It looks great paired with crop tops, which you can actually wear in winter cause the puffer will keep you warm. It looks fabulous with hoodies and sunglasses a la 90s.

It work with dresses, with skirts, shorts… sky’s the limit.


Whatever I click on these days it’s most likely wearing oversized puffer jackets. Whatever shop you’ll go to in the next months it will shove a puffer down your throat. Even my closet is not exempt from this Fall 2018 trend. Like I said, they are everywhere, and I love it!

Here are some links with my favorites Puffer jackets I’ve found on the Internet: Tartan Short Down Coat, Dee Cropped Puffer from Revolve (See the images on top),  Ocoon Down Puffer Jacket. 

Before investing in this trendy number, take a look at your overall aesthetic and shop accordingly. For an androgynous, tomboy style, layer a thin down jacket with a wool overcoat. But for a ladylike look, grab a cropped version (like mine) and pair with a high-waisted piece. If your goal is to nail that professional city-girl vibe, a belted version with a furry hood works for even the dressiest days.

I received from Edita Lupea this black puffer jacket (Instagram pic of me wearing it) that I swear to God became my favorite jacket for winter (similar here). It’s easy to put on, to take off, and keeps you so cozy and warm. And I don’t look like an elephant in it, I look normal.

If you’re not careful, you can easily look consummated by nylon. Luckily, it’s easy to prevent this issue by mixing up your quilted puffer jacket with different textures and austere contrasting colors. The softness of the velvet top and structured plaid skirt in today’s outfit depleted the airiness of the jacket. Whether or not you’re wearing a single colored outfit, use texture and color to switch up a basic ensemble.

So… I’m ready to look like an elephant.  There’s only so many coats, and layers, and faux fur one can do in winter, right?


If all else fails, try a sporty piece

If you just feel entirely hopeless when it comes to styling a down puffer jacket for the streets, go the obvious: a sporty puffer. Something like this looks amazing with relaxed jeans, a statement knit, and bulky boots (or sneakers). Leave it to a sporty combo to keep your look uncomplicated yet casually cool.

Are you on the puffer trend yet? Don’t wait too long to wear these amazing puffers while you can.