Hydra Peeling Guinot Treatment

Hydra Peeling

Topline Romania launched last month the Hydra Peeling treatment, an alternative to aesthetic medicine which that removes the devitalized epidermis and promotes skin regeneration. 

Last week I received the invitation to try this NEW Hydra Peeling treatment by Guinot and I left with a radiant, lighter and toner skin, a much smoother and velvety one. Even if beauty is harbored in the way we think, we all know that after age of 30 our skin faces various challenges and we need to take more care of it.

The appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation spots, lack of brightness, are just some of the problems found in OUR skin. That is why correct skin care would seem challenging. However, Guinot experts come to help us with the most advanced skin regeneration technology: Hydra Peeling. This treatment is an alternative to aesthetic medicine, but without pain, risk and with a fair price for the client.

Don’t forget that beautiful skin is based on regenerated skin!

Hydra Peeling’s objectives are: visible removal of age-related signs, recovery of skin luminosity and pigmentation spots.

Much more comfortable than medical peeling, but with exceptional results, this progressive treatment is recommended in an intensive three-application cure (once a week). It has no side effects and offers the possibility to leave the beauty salon with only a protective cream.

Guinot proposes two treatment options, both of which have a duration of 45 minutes:

HYDRA PEELING with HYDRA PH is a skin-friendly peeling treatment that is recommended for all skin types and includes three steps. It starts with a peeling-based rice extract and removing dead cells using mechanical action and favoring skin regeneration. Massage made with the rich in passion fruit extract and the mask that nourishes and soothes the skin due to the rapeseed oil.

HYDRA PEELING with HYDRABRASION (mechanical peeling) recommended for sensitive skin also includes three steps: peeling – based on papaya extract – is complemented by the passion fruit extract serum and the rape-based mask.

My choice was the Peeling with PH acid from fruits and I can tell you that my skin was feeling much better and achieved that instant glow.

The three steps to a younger and brighter skin are:

1. Actifoliating gel is applied to the skin, freeing the skin of all its dead skin cells.

2. Neutralizing foam is massaged into the skin exfoliating & stimulating cell renewal, balancing your skins PH.

3. PURE VIT C – Brightening mask is applied, anti-oxidant, anti-free radical skin lightening, stimulating the synthesis of collagen & regenerates.

After treatment, Guinot experts come with home skin care recommendations, namely Pur Confort cream.

Sensitive skin needs special care, being thinner and reacting immediately to environmental factors such as UV rays, low or high temperatures, seawater or swimming pool, wind or even emotions.
The solution for strengthening the skin inside and stopping the reactions that cause its hypersensitivity comes from the Guinot experts and is represented by Pur Confort Cream. This creates a natural protective barrier and calms the skin, while protecting the dermis from the external factors effect. The cream soothes and provides guaranteed comfort for sensitive skin with chamomile extract and green algae. In addition, Pur Comfort has SPF 15, protecting the skin from the sun rays.



Up to the age of 30, our faces are perfectly shaped, with rosy cheeks and a firm chin.

A V-shaped face is a symbol of beauty, in much the same way as big, wide eyes tend to elicit the response: Oh, how cute! However, as we grow older, our facial proportions change. The plump cheeks that once gave us a sexy look, gradually slip southward. This is due to estrogen, or rather to a lack of it. As we age, our body produces less of this hormone and so our skin loses elasticity. Fatty tissue also declines, giving our cheeks a sunken look. The result is sagging cheeks and – wait for the terrible term – nasolabial folds. These are the lines that give us that strict, tough teacher look. The youthful V shape has now become my mainly concern. In the past, needles or the scalpel were the only option for anyone who was brave enough.

Now, however, there are many alternatives and Topline Romania helped me to find them.

SO…If you look for an instant glow, to Brighten your complexion and improve pigmentation,

try the NEW Hydra Peeling treatment by Guinot.


Over the past 50 years, GUINOT’s mission has been to help women become more beautiful with exclusive treatments and innovative products.

GUINOT research constantly improves treatment techniques and propose revolutionary methods which matter for the success certified today by GUINOT Beauty Salons. The formula of the brand products is free of parabens and the active ingredients used are derived from GMO plants.
GUINOT is an eco-friendly company that supports the idea of respecting the environment when creating its products and does not carry out animals.


Location: Silhouette Unirii – Bdul Regina Maria, No.1, Bucharest


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