Florin Dobre the Artist

The artist and designer Florin Dobre, presented on Saturday, November 14, on Promenada Mall Terrace, his new Spring/Summer 2016 Ready to Wear collection, called “Sbornicul – Work of Mind” in his unique style!

Florin has always been a controversial presence in fashion and each of its collections had a powerful daring message. The latter is not an exception.



Keen on fashion for as long as he can remember, Florin Dobre always manage to surprise us, with his exquisite imagination!

He started designing clothes in 1997, almost 20 years ago; “because I wanted to get dressed exactly like those I watched on MTV, interesting characters like Mike Patton, Perry Farrell, Scott WeilandAt that time there were no clothes at all in Romania and I said, ‘How hard can it be for me to do this? . “The first thing I did was a pair of shorts, I could go to the beach with them !!!” 

He sewed 10 years without any help, including his debut collection, called Debut Florin Dobre and since then his designs has evolved so much. Official Florin Dobre exists as a brand for 3 years.

Florin Dobre likes to play with chic designs and each one of them are so original. He’s not taking account of trends, but somehow he managed to match them because he studied fashion for about 20 years.

Florin Dobre‘s designs target men almost exclusively. He brings a highly appreciated focus on the masculine style, something that has otherwise been notoriously under represented in Romanian fashion. His clothes are a keen interest in underground culture, avant-garde, and the unconventional lifestyle, but also dandy and authentic.

His last collection, called “Sbornicul – Work of Mind”, reveals an innovative work showing us that the last and true escape of our mind and soul is flying back home. Sbornic (SBORNIK) means a religious book which sums up the lives and teachings of the holy writings.

Florin Dobre creates the connection between sacred and profane with his new collection. The designer chose a direct ‘flight’ attention to the Romanian authenticity, guided and in love with the power and beauty of ordinary Romanian people. He sees the adoption of traditional values in modern space as a means of survival in the context of the whole globalization experiment, and not only spiritual, in which we are all small guinea pig. We do not want longer pedal goal, we want to fly … 

“Sbornicul” collection represents a journey into the origins, the designer walks on “paths already forbidden,” using the same simple cut, so easy to wear, but with a strong impact.

The simple lines of the traditional clothing have influences from the Hateg Country and Padurenilor Land, where the ancient Dacians had their political center. This ancient background which in many forms, survived until today, is found in Florin Dobre “Sbornicul” collection. The materials used are produced by the former factory Dorobanţul, which, unfortunately, died in November 2015, after 129 years of production. They have a unique design, but this time, they cannot be reproduced. Fabric, wool, cotton, and flax are part of the collection, with a classic cut, “rejuvenated” by Florin Dobre magic hand and customized through a powerful styling as, all his previous collections… The Wooden Cross was the cherry on the top!

So, Let’s take a look now at his new Spring/Summer 2016 collection!

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Congratulations Florin Dobre for another success!

“For I will ascend to heaven, you’re there!”