Festival look

festival look

Summer Festivals are just around the corner! So… Today I’ve decided to show you my festival look for Women on Matasari.

I just hope it will inspire you…We are a bit tired of the classic ripped jeans looks and fringes, but we will also see how to style a beach dress in a boho chic style.

Women on Matasari celebrates five years in 2015. The new edition of this urban festival took place last weekend on Matasari Street.

I think you know already about it…Women on Matasari means freedom, change, development…free and creative people…concerts and unique projects, brave women, artists and designers, friendship, design and color…hundreds of visitors… it means three days of parties…It’s a free world for people who are opened to art and culture. Only together we can start a protest to change our urban life…The festival aims for changing the perception about Matasari Street, previously considered a place of depravity, prostitution, drugs. We all want to turned it into a universe with a variety of facets, where we will discover new dimensions that define the contemporary woman, a multifunctional space that celebrates the female universe.

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The other day, when I was talking about Women on Mătăsari on my Facebook page,

I promised to post one of my festival look. 

Having established my feelings for this mighty day I’ve started to look in my wardrobe for the dress that would feel exactly like a weekend. When I did found it and put it on, everything came together. The way it beautifully flows in the wind, this dress can go from boho chic to trouble maker with just a bit of confidence and a flower band.

Photo Credit:    Mihai Pivniceru

Make Up and Hair Styling:   Camelia Nastu