Exotic Palazzo Pants



 Exotic Palazzo pants with huge splits up the sides are the best thing to wear during your summer holidays.

How do you feel about Palazzo Pants? You must know it’s a trend that some women found daring and bold last year. This year they have gone through a huge improvisation and depending on what suits your body type, you can add them to your closet. And you can always count on Zara to make some of the most stylish and accessible outfits. Get your inspiration from the street style divas!

Try to find in the shops the trendiest exotic Palazzo Pants of the season!

I love these Palazzo pants, comfy with a cool print! I decided to combine them with an orange crop-top and flat sandals, but I could definitely wear them with a sleeveless white top and high-heels as well! These exotic palm prints come to life when you start walking with their tasteful splits up the sides. Even though men think they are looking like wallpapers for me it feels like I’m on a Caribbean beach. These fluid beauties can make your legs look taller and they are so comfortable that you would literally wish you could live in them.

In the beginning of each summer everybody has a top trend color, especially for people who are fed up with dull winter colors. My favorite one is orange color. It’s the color of fruits, summer and sun, giving me live energy, happiness and warmth. Today I matched orange with Palazzo pants and accessorized it with a statement necklace. Each tint of orange emotionalize me in a different way. I strongly believe what I’m wearing reflects my personality and mood.

And now I really need a beach vacation. I miss the sea but I also miss those looks to pull out on the beach, printed kaftans, flowing Palazzo pants, one pieces swimsuits that maybe are not the best to tan but are oh-so-sexy.

What do you think? Have you been on the beach this year already?
Did you buy your summer Palazzo pants till now?

exotic palazzo pants_wayfarerstyle5exotic palazzo pants_wayfarerstyle3IMG_6805| Palazzo Pants : Zara | Top : Zara | Flats : Zara | Hat : H&M | Necklace : H&M |