Driving Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE

Driving Jaguar XE is unlike any experience I’ve had so far.

It’s glamorous inside and out, elegantly combining sports performance with high-end luxury. With its interior beautifully crafted from the finest materials and agile drive, XE is instantly recognizable as a Jaguar.

It feels like a Jaguar, it drives like a Jaguar – XE is a Jaguar to its core.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be seen behind the wheel of this gorgeous beast? Put it in sports mode, take advantage of the flappy paddles, give it a boost and the whole experience becomes explosive.

Jaguar XE


I’ve had the pleasure of driving some amazing cars over the years, but I was beyond excitement when I found one that was just my type. Driving Jaguar XE can make all the difference. With a seductive blend of beauty and performance, the XE says “luxury” with a very British accent. 

Jaguar XE was officially launched in Romania in June 2015. Offering innovative and intelligent technologies to keep running costs down, as well as competitive insurance group ratings – XE really is the smarter choice.

It’s beautiful, comfortable, great to drive and has a certain X-factor that the usual German suspects – BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4. So it’s no wonder that it was named in 2016 the Compact Executive Car of the Year for the second successive time.

Jaguar returns to luxury’s commodity class with a car that’s anything but average.

Not only does this compact boast luxury, elegance, and style! Jaguar XE is also intelligent and minimizes fuel consumption and its effect on the environment with his lightweight aluminium architecture. Beauty, brains and substance! Its shape is attention-commanding, and its sound roaring with fierceness – much like a Jaguar in the wild, it’s smooth but can bite when it wants.

XE models have been designed from the ground up with the needs of businesses in mind. It delivers highly competitive Total Cost of Ownership, with CO2 emissions from 99g/km and fuel consumption from 4.1l/100km for automatic model.

XE’s engines are equipped with Stop/Start technology* and smart regenerative charging, for maximum economy, especially during urban driving. Its Ingenium 2.0l 4-cylinder 163PS Turbocharged Diesel engine is refined and highly efficient. Is sophisticated but oh so speedy, ensuring I won’t be late. And if you are, all is excused when they see you pull up to the scene in this beast.

After 4 days with this beauty, One thing is for sure!

I’m in love with the 8-speed Automatic transmission featuring a Satin Black rotary selector. It’s almost like a completely different car! Dynamic driving mode is truly dynamic with an instant throttle response. For a woman is delivering rapid shifting for effortless acceleration. Is highly responsive, smooth and efficient. You can also opt to manually control gearshifts, via steering wheel paddles, at the touch of a finger.

Beyond this, JAGUAR XE is also high on safety and has all the creature comforts you need for a great ride. His convenient size, luxe leather interior and overall design. The stylish metal tread-plates looks so cool and it helps protect the door sills.

Driving Jaguar XE it’s been a pleasure for me.

Big love to the awesome people at Jaguar Romania for pairing me with this beauty.

Unique in this class of car, XE’s All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) helps make XE easy to drive in challenging conditions. ASPC is a low speed cruise control that helps XE cope with low traction situations, whatever the weather – allowing you to concentrate on steering.

What else can I say about this XE model? One word: Amazing!

I’m just here to share my experience with you, but for the finer specifications, visit jaguar.ro. If you love it as much as I do, and have the means to purchase – then do it without hesitation.

Check their website and create an XE that perfectly fits your lifestyle, driving style and perfect tastes.

Jaguar XE


Photo Credit: Constantin Madalin Vasile 

Outfit: UnicBrands.ro

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