Atipic Beauty at Feeric Festival

Atipic Beauty opened Feeric Fashion Days 2015 for the first time. The most important fashion week in Eastern Europe, Feeric Fashion Days began on Tuesday in Sibiu at Feeric Venue/Redal Expo with a very tender and sensitive fashion show.

The eighth edition of Feeric Fashion Days turned this fashion festival from Sibiu into the largest fashion week in Eastern Europe. Feeric Fashion Days 2015 it happened between July 4-5 in Alba Iulia and continued from 7 to 12 July in Sibiu, with over 50 fashion shows of famous fashion designers all over the world.

Feeric Fashion Days is a phenomenon.

It is about fashion but it is also about us the people.

Twelve models in wheelchairs paraded on Feeric Venue Catwalk with twelve personalities from the fashion world including the famous Argentinian chairman models agency, Anama Fereirra, Dj Sonia Rondini, Editor in Chief Trend Prive Magazine – Catalina Magee, Senior Fashion Editor at Trend Prive Magazine – Mira Postolache, model Dana Savuica, Vicepresident Feeric Fashion Days – Landiana Cerciu and fashion bloggers Ioana Grama, Carmen Negoiţă, Ioana Chisiu, Sandra Bendre and Andreea Codrea. The event is a concept of “Open Your Heart” Association and was presented again by Cosmina Pasarin.



“I felt so good, the audience was very open and hopefully understood our message. I wish that all the disabled people in Romania to be viewed as normal people, not to be isolated or discriminated like it happens now. I want to have a country accessible for all the people in wheelchairs. “says Magda Coman, the president of Open Your Heart Association.

Atipic Beauty is a campaign conceived as a series of fashion events that take place annually.

The shows bring on catwalk wheelchair models. Each model is accompanied by a public/local star in each Atipic Beauty fashion show. Atipic Beauty is an unique world event and is a registered brand format. There are other countries events for people with disabilities, but the content is different, they miss the structure of competition. Atipic Beauty choose this form of promotion considering that Romanian society is not ready to take external actions like other countries that are already familiar with the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

Feeric Fashion Days continued that day with a fashion show by Concepto in the inner courtyard of History Museum – Altemberger. The Concepto autumn/winter collection was enhanced by the perfect scenery of Altemberger Museum. The girls from Concepto are wonderful and their collections never ceases to surprise me. I really liked this colorful and exuberant collection.

There’s no way I could choose a favorite outfit, they are all simply irresistible.

“We had a boom of color in this collection. We had a very good choreographer and the presentation went great, “said Ada and Ane Feher, the two creative behind the brand Concepto. The choreography was made by Pablo Patan, one of the most renowned artistic directors of major Fashion Weeks.

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For this first colorful Feeric day in Sibiu I choose to wear an elegant blue dress from Monique Fashion with black python sandals from Smiling Shoes. During summer days I love to wear bold colors and outfits full of joy and light. Let’s forget about gray and black colors!

Let’s feel Feeric and enjoy life as it comes!

The next fashion show of the day took us to another Feeric place. We moved to the small town of Avrig to an impressive palace with the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. There we admired again the multicolored collection of SARAH JESSY JONES, the brand created by Diego de Biase and Eduardo Perez Gonzalez Ocantos, two amazing designers from Argentina. The sumptuous scales of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal Summer Palace from Avrig delighted the audience with a collection that everybody fell in love. At sunset, the colors of this beautiful collection created the most romantic and diaphanous atmosphere in the garden. 

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The last fashion show of the day and my favorite was Andra Handaric that presented Isihia – A Manifesto for the spirit collection. Recently returned in Romania she launched her first pret-a-porter autumn/winter collection who wants to reveal the spiritual value in relation with an austere environment. The entire collection was inspired by the solemnity of monastic clothes, starting from the concept of physical covering and inner discovery in the contemporary context. Isihia is a challenge to introspection and contemplation in a world dominated by image and exhibitionism. It is a manifesto for reevaluation of the self image and what we communicate through contemporary garb.

ANDRA HANDARIC is a young designer who studied fashion design at Westminster University London and was selected for an internship at famous Gareth Pugh in London, where she improved herself and start creating items for personalities like Lady Gaga. She is exploring the boundaries between art and designs constantly, being inspired by contemporary art and Eastern European traditions.

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Feeric Fashion Days takes place from 7 to 12 of July in Sibiu. The event is organized by Mitichi Foundation and financed by the City Council of Sibiu.

I wish you all Feeric Days this Summer!

Photo Credit: Liviu Voicu/ Bogdan Brylynski