A girl boss

Today I want to list 5 signs that will let you know if you are a GIRL BOSS!

There are many examples of girl bosses, of women who have managed to create amazing businesses  from scratch, using only their skills and the efforts to come up. Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal is the queen of the girl bosses and she is certainly a great example for all of us.

So, are you ready to find out if you are also bound to be a girl boss?


1. A girl boss is a creative person

The most successful ideas start from original ideas. The successful business are the innovative ones, the ones that bring something new, never seen before, the kind of ideas that only a creative person can get.

2. A girl boss always want to learn something new

Do you read books, magazines and you’re subscribed to hundreds of newsletters? Education does not end with graduation. If you want to learn something to improve yourself and your business everyday then you’re in the right direction.

3. There is no time to waist time

If while you’re on the couch you take the opportunity to read the latest business book it means that you do not want to miss a moment of your time. Being organized and manage time in the best way possible are the main rules of each girl boss. Start planning your days at best so you will be able to be more productive. Like this you will save some personal time for yourself.

4. Impossibile is not in the dictionary of a girl boss

If you don’t know something  learn it. Especially now, when Google can explain everything. If you fail improve yourself and remember that the word impossible does not exist. There is always a solution for everything and a girl boss can find it!

5. A girl boss is ambitious

A girl boss uses all her strength to be able to get what she wants.  She works hard to achieve her goals and knows that success does not come overnight but only with hard work. A girl boss goes far beyond people’s expectations.

a girl boss 2 - www.shopaholicalife.coma girl boss 18 - www.shopaholicalife.com


A Girl Boss is walking down the street, the kind I’d like to meet.’ Whatever. We don’t do pretty around here. We do bold. We do hot. We do funny. We do smart. Cool.

We know too many tricks and too many things to be just pretty girls in Tigh High Boots. We are Girl Bosses!

After going through some 2015 fall collections, and then some street style pics for inspiration, plus stumbling on Micah Gianneli & Christine Centenera‘s FABULOUS outfits wearing super thigh high boots, it hit me. For Milan Fashion Week I decided to wear a ruffled DKNY black dress from Sport Couture Romania with my super hot thigh high boots. 

And if you want to make the hot booties work with skirts and dresses in a very sophisticated, cool, even professional sort of way Style them with something. I have chosen a blue fur collar from PAISI and my black vintage hat.

THIS is exactly what A Girl Boss needs. A very luxe, extremely sexy & beyond empowering look. 

a girl boss 14- www.shopaholicalife.com


Contrary to being all covered up, and not showing an inch of skin – THIS LOOK is the hottest you’ll ever get.

Not to mention, professional as well, cause really under a pencil skirt or a little black dress, who’s gonna know how high those boots go?

What do you think? You will gonna’ try them?